XMonad Modules

This page is to serve as both an apology and an announcement. I’ve recently modularized my xmonad.hs. I’m sorry.

This is no longer true. I’ve since gone through a bit of a config cleanse, deciding it makes my life easier to live closer to defaults and not carry around a lot of extra configuration or features (that I don’t actively use).

As part of this cleanse, I’ve stripped my config back down to a very lean xmonad.hs that can easily live within the confines of a single file.

Who cares?

I know of at least one person who stops by my site on a regular basis to update his xmonad.hs to match the latest version of mine. I’ve also seen, on a few occasions, someone mention that they use brisbin33’s xmonad config when discussing an issue on the forums or in IRC. True, for all I know, there could be only three people using some form of my config – but to them, I’m sorry.

Anyone who blindly updates to my most recent xmonad.hs may get hit with the following error:

      Could not find module `ScratchPadKeys':
         Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

  Failed, modules loaded: none.

That’s because I’ve offloaded some of the more module-ish chunks of my config into, well, modules.


I noticed, when browsing the XMonad source (I know, shut-up), that the default recompile command includes the option -ilib this tells ghc to include source files in ./lib. It was a light-bulb moment.

I had gathered some pretty sophisticated code in my little xmonad.hs: custom data types and instances, reusable utilities, etc. Why not put them in their own files and import them into a nice clean config as I would with any normal contrib module?

So, if you’re following my xmonad.hs, please continue to do so. Just be advised you’ll need a few files in lib if you want to use the functionality they offer.

31 Aug 2010, tagged with haskell, xmonad