Wifi Pipe

So the other day when I was using wifi-select (awesome tool) to connect to a friends hot-spot, I realized, “hey! This would be great as an openbox pipe menu!”

I’m fairly decent in bash and I knew both netcfg and wifi-select were in bash so why not rewrite it that way?


A simplified version of wifi-select which will scan for networks and populate an openbox right-click menu item with available networks. Displays security type and signal strength. Click on a network to connect via netcfg the same way wifi-select does it.

Zenity is used to ask for a password and notify of a bad connection. One can optionally remove the netcfg profile if the connection fails.


The script now has its own github repo so it doesn’t fall victim to bitrot. Please head there for more installation details and a copy of the source.

05 Dec 2009, tagged with linux