Static Refactor

Just a quick heads-up post about a recent site refactoring.

I decided to switch to nginx from lighttpd, let it do the static file serving, and at the same time drop all the complicated redirects I’d been carrying since going live on yesod. I also cleaned out the /static directory a little bit and streamlined its folder structure.

Below please find info about the deprecated routes that I’ve finally dropped (and some that were dropped a while ago).

Please use pbrisbin.com to view the site.

No longer redirecting /dotfiles and /bin to github

Please see github for all of my configs and other projects.

No longer redirecting *.rss to /feed

Please use pbrisbin.com/feed/ for my rss.

Removed /music

Please email if you really were interested in that stuff.

Rearranged documentation folders

Note: the documentation subdomain has since been removed entirely.

Haskell docs (including xmonad libraries) are at docs.pbrisbin.com/haskell and ruby docs are at docs.pbrisbin.com/ruby.

I think that’s it – let me know if I’ve missed something and I’ll add a note here.

22 Nov 2011, tagged with self