Landlord Reviews

Last weekend, when our heat wasn’t working (again), I had an idea: What if there were a site where I could bitch about my landlord? Then, people who were about to sign a lease could check on this site and see if their would-be landlord sucks… before they sign that lease.

After confirming with the girlfriend marketing that this was actually a half-way decent idea, I started to get excited about it. A few short hours later and I had a decent mock-up.

Full disclosure: It’s at that point that we found ratemylandlord.com, sigh.

Though pretty deflating, it’s not exactly the same. In fact, that site’s kind of old and doesn’t have the super-cool jQuery-ness of mine. I’m thinking I could do things differently enough to at least warrant putting my site out there.

Personally, I like my UI a lot better.


I give you… Landlord Reviews Renters’ reality. As it is, you can leave a positive or negative review and search reviews by landlord name or partial address.

I’m making this post to ask for beta-testers. Go, make some fake reviews, play around with the search boxes. If you’re feeling motivated, report bugs to me via email or on github.

Todos and Known Bugs

I do have plans to make this epically useful. Any feature requests, just send ’em my way.

Here’s the current list I’ve been procrastinating on:

And some things I already know I need to fix:

The Source

The site is written in haskell (what else) compiled to a fastcgi executable. All I have to do is scp it up to my slice and it just works.

A beautiful thing.

I use slicehost. They have an Arch image. They rock.

If you’re interested, you can view the source on my github; pull-requests always welcome.

25 Mar 2011, tagged with haskell