Deleting Git Tags with Style

Deleting Git tags that have already been pushed to your remote is something I have to google literally every time I do it; why the invocation is so arcane, I don’t know. Finally, I decided to automate it with a custom sub-command:


With this script present on $PATH, I can just invoke git delete-tag TAG, .... This is great, but I soon noticed that typing git dele<tab> wouldn’t complete this command (or any custom sub-commands for that matter). After a little digging in the _git completion file, I found the relevant zstyle needed to get this working:


Since I’m actually invoking hub, a git wrapper with added functionality for interacting with GitHub, I had to use :hub: in place of :git:, which is what the documentation shows.

I also wanted git delete-tag <tab> to complete with the current tags for the repository. Again, the extension points in the Zsh tab-completion system shine, and it only took a little _git- completion function to make it happen:


Hopefully this short post will come in useful for Git and Zsh users who, like myself, can never remember how to delete Git tags. As always, you can find the described configuration “in the wild” by way of my dotfiles repo. These items will be within the scripts or zsh tags.

24 Jun 2016, tagged with git